Interview – Education for Politics

– So I heard you’re quite political…

– Yes, totally.

– I mean it’s difficult to find someone your age who’s interested in politics, don’t you think?

– Unfortunately that’s true. People, young people especially, are not even curious about it, which I think it’s a shame; but, you know, it’s quite comprehensible, you need someone who explains the basis otherwise how can you understand?

– You mean there should be someone – like parents or teachers- explaining some news they heard on TV or on the newspapers…

– Lets be realistic, how many times have you seen a kid holding a newspaper? That is like the most rare thing in the world! But anyway, that’s not exactly it. I have been so lucky to have a father who has a very deep understanding of the hole political system and he is also pacient enough to explain it to me. But I know that’s not everyone, could be because neither their parents truly understand politics or because they just don’t want to waste time trying to teach something to their damn child! But, think about it, what if in school there is a class, as important as math’s classes, where the teacher gets across the most important contents of the Constitution, the way in which a law get to be approved, the difference between republic and parliamentary monarchy, and more. Knowing how important is the right to vote is as essential in life as being able to read. Do you know how many kids I know that goes like: “I’m not intrested in politics” or “I don’t care, it’s the aduldt’s job” and I’m on astonishment! And not in a positive way, I mean, tomorrow it’s going to be you!

– So what do you suggest?

– I suggest we make people aware, young people. A good start could be in school.


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