Women’s March

January 21, 2017

Today in the name of fundamental rights, equality, freedom and democracy thousands of people across the whole world marched. It is the women’s march but is not just for women. Everyone is welcome, everyone in possession of the facts knows how important and urgent this topic is, everyone – meaning both men and women – will benefit from gender equality when one day we’ll win this fight. One day we’ll reach our goal. One day we will reach the 5th global goal. I don’t like to wait, I’m not patient, so I want this to happen in a-not-so-far-future, that’s why we sat the alarm at 2030 for sustainable developement. I’m not the only one tired of waiting. But – I’ve got to say this – I’m also a pessimist. Therefore we need to fight harder, we need to make more and more people aware of how much work is still to be done, we need this issue to be at the top of our leaders’ agendas, maybe we also need to elect leaders who actually acknowledge this as an issue.

I want to share with you a pretty sad conversation I had with a stranger on the Internet. A few months ago I read Tess of the d’Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy, once I finished it I wanted to see the BBC’s miniseries of the novel, wich I did. Then I rated the adaptation on this app called TVShow Time and I looked down at the comments and saw this one who said: “Well obviously I ship more Tess and Angel… but Alec is good” (spoilers ahead ). I couldn’t resist so I replied: “Alec is good? Really? Maybe you didn’t get the fact that Alec raped Tess…” So she said: “I got it, but I mean, he always told her he’s bad… Tess should have run away from him since the beginning.”. So she wanted to say that if Tess got pregnant after she was raped it was her fault because “she shoud have run away from him since the beginning”. Is it right to blame the victim? Do we blame her because she should have not trusted the man? I’m sorry but I thought that forcing someone to have sex is a crime!

Why do we blame the woman? When a young women gets pregnant we say it’s her fault, when she gets pregnant but is not economically stable we blame her, when a women gets pregnant and for whatever reason is not the right time in her life to become a mother we say she is irresponsible. We say she should have been more careful. People, wake up! You need both a women and a man to have a baby!

That’s why planned parenthood exists, contraceptives exist and abortion exists and it’s legal. Because her body, her life, her future, her health matter. “Mind your own uterus!”

After all we are simply asking for basic human rights…


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